Finishing Touch - Student Book 5

Auteurs: Philippa Parks, Cara Webb
Collection: Finishing Touch
Discipline: Anglais langue seconde
Niveau: 5e secondaire

ISBN: 9782766112272
Copyright: 2009

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Prix école: 74,66 $
Nombre de pages: 286
Format: Livre relié

Finishing Touch  is an English as a Second Language textbook collection designed to meet the ministry requirements for the Third Year of Secondary Cycle Two.  Finishing Touch  provides all the material necessary to ensure success for students in their final year of high school. It also offers a structured yet flexible approach that teachers can easily adapt to suit their own needs.

Finishing Touch  has a fresh approach that makes learning English relevant for Secondary 5 students. It offers practical and dynamic themes, such as Becoming Independent, Work Your Passion and Internet Privacy, that provide opportunities for meaningful interaction.

The Student Book has

  • 8 thematically based units. Each unit is divided in 3 segments: Activate, Participate, and Reinvest;
  • 3 Skills Snapshots: practice evaluation situations to review learned skills in previous units;
  • Introductory and concluding mini-units (Checking Your Skills, Reviewing Your Skills);
  • Writer's Block: step-by-step guidance for writing and producing texts;
  • Readings: a wide range of texts of varying lengths;
  • Grammar: focuses on common grammatical errors in context;
  • Listening: 2 listening and 1 audio-visual per unit
  • Reference section: grammar, vocabulary, how-to writing, features of texts, language, strategies, processes.
Philippa Parks

Philippa Parks has taught ESL for over ten years and currently teaches in the undergraduate TESL departments at McGill and UQAM universities. She is co-author of the Express Yourself series, Finishing Touch and New Quiet Time.

Cara Webb

Cara Webb has taught ESL and EESL at the secondary level for over ten years. She is co-author of the Break Away series, the Express Yourself Plus series, Express Yourself for Secondary 4 and Finishing Touch.

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