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Centre Stage - Student's Book 2

Auteurs: Gillian Baxter, Jonathan Munro Jones
Collection: Centre Stage
Discipline: Anglais langue seconde
Niveau: 2e secondaire

ISBN: 9782761317450
Copyright: 2007

Prix de détail: 51,95 $
Prix école: 46,76 $
Nombre de pages: 174
Format: Livre relié

Express yourself with Centre Stage!

Centre Stage Student's Book 2 gives teenagers all the support they need to learn English. It offers a wide array of engaging activities, numerous readings, grammar charts, projects, portfolios, games etc., all written specifically for teenage learners. Student's Book 2 is the second level of the Centre Stage series.


  • Presents contemporary and timeless topics of interest to teenage students
  • Uses full-colour illustrations and photos to immediately capture students' attention
  • Provides clear learning goals so that students know what their learning objectives are for each unit
  • Allows students to experience success and a sense of achievement through carefully sequenced exercises
  • Personalizes the learning of English through activities that allow students to talk about themselves and express their own opinions
  • Provides reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar activities such as questionnaires, games, and projects that challenge both the students' minds as well as their linguistic skills
  • Includes projects that enable students, regardless of ability, to express themselves creatively
  • Gives clear and easy-to-understand grammar presentations
  • Provides learners with an opportunity to acquire their own learning strategies through the reference section
  • Features portfolios that develop students' ability to become more aware of their learning and develop responsibility for it
Gillian Baxter

​Gillian Baxter spent fourteen years teaching ESL at École secondaire de la Cité-des-Jeunes in the regular, enriched and PÉI programs. Actively involved in many ESL dossiers, she was also a member of the school’s Reform Implementation Committee. She is currently the full-time ESL consultant for the elementary and secondary levels at C.S. des Trois-Lacs. She has written many primary-level and secondary-level ESL materials.

Jonathan Munro Jones

Jonathan Munro Jones has taught at every level, from elementary to adult. He worked as an ESL consultant and spent over twenty years at the Québec Ministry of Education, sixteen of them as Program Coordinator. He has taught methodology at McGill University and at Concordia University’s TESL Centre. A past president of SPEAQ and winner of the SPEAQ award, he now teaches at Or Menachem school. He has written both English language arts and ESL materials.

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