The Essentials of English

The Essentials of English is a must-have reference book that covers grammar, punctuation, composition, sentence structure, research and business writing. This handbook is designed specifically for non-native English speakers.

Auteurs: Ann Hogue, Jeremy Harmer
Discipline: Writing
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  • Comprehensive coverage of writing essentials
  • Focus on problematic areas for non-native speakers
Ann Hogue
Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy Harmer is a writer, trainer and teacher. Among his many books are The Practice of English language Teaching, How to Teach English, How to Teach Writing and the brand new Essential Teacher Knowledge, all published by Pearson. He is general editor of the Pearson How to series.

Jeremy is a course designer and tutor on the MA TESOL at the New School, New York.

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The Essentials of English | Student Book + Workbook 978-2-7613-1639-2 X 68,95 $
The Essentials of English | Student Book 978-0-1315-0090-7 X 62,95 $
The Essentials Of English | Workbook 978-0-1318-3037-0 X 27,95 $

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