University Success - Beginning - Listening and Speaking | Book + MyEnglishLab

Auteur: Cynthia Fettig
Collection: University Success
Discipline: Listening and Speaking

ISBN: 9780135245941
Copyright: 2020

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Prepare for university success

University Success is for English language learners preparing for academic environments. The course carefully scaffolds skill development to help students become autonomous learners. Students master essential skills and gain confidence in studying academic degree courses taught in English. 

Authentic lectures, readings, and writing strategies created and delivered by professors from Stanford University provide real-life learning experiences. 

New level: Beginning

This new level fuse high-interest topics with tasks to develop the language skills needed for managing complex and conceptually challenging content.

The Beginning level gives students the fundamental building blocks and confidence to take on academic challenges.

Each skill presented in the Student Book is followed by connected activities on MyEnglishLab for well-rounded and comprehensive practice in and out of the classroom. 


Get Connected > Practise > Succeed
MyEnglishLab offers students further practice as they work through the coursebook.

  • Every lesson in the Student Books has corresponding follow up activities in MyEnglishLab.
  • Students use MyEnglishLab to access additional practice online, view videos, listen to audio, and receive instant feedback on their work. 
  • Teachers assign MyEnglishLab activities to reinforce the skills students learned in class and monitor progress through an online gradebook.
  • The gradebook tracks students’ performance, and identifies their strengths and weaknesses, allowing teachers to tailor classes to the demands of the class or individuals. 
  • MyEnglishLab encourages students to analyse what they are doing rather than just guessing.
Cynthia Fettig

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