Reading For The Write Reasons - Student Book

Auteurs: Donna Aziz-Canuel, Lynne Gaetz, Richard Pawsey

ISBN: 9780136512820
Copyright: 1997

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Nombre de pages: 168
Format: Livre relié

English readind and writing for advanced ESL

This ESL text gives students the necessary tools to read, write about, discuss, and appreciate literature. With Reading for the Write Reasons , your students will be exposed to an exciting selection of readings from Canadian and foreign authors. The text offers classic literary works as well as new ones meant to broaden students' horizons in understanding what literature is. Interesting writing challenges are drawn from the readings. Students are asked to comment on the literary works and to incorporate some of their own life experiences into their writing assignments.

It Includes:

  • reading selections such as essays, short stories and poems
  • interesting writing challenges emanating from readings
  • space for students to write comments on literary works, and opportunities to incorporate their own life experiences into writing assignments
  • Writer's Tool Box, presenting strategies for effective writing, and a grammar section, offering explanations and proofreading activities
Donna Aziz-Canuel
Lynne Gaetz

Lynne Gaetz taught ESL for over twenty years at Collège Lionel-Groulx. The author of many ESL series in Canada, she has also authored developmental writing books for the US. She has an MA in English Literature, a TESL diploma, and a college teaching diploma.

Richard Pawsey

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