Being Canadian - Student Book w/ Answer Key and CD

Auteurs: Judy Cameron, Tracey Derwing
Discipline: Reading

ISBN: 9782761335508
Copyright: 2010

Prix de détail: 45,95 $
Nombre de pages: 184
Format: Livre relié

Being Canadian , the third edition, is a book of readings that promotes language development and Canadian citizenship skills and knowledge. Using a topical approach, the book deals with the themes of social, cultural, and political history; physical and political geography; the structure of the parliamentary system and the electoral process; and the nature of the economy. These themes are similar to those found in Discover Canada, the citizenship study guide provided by the federal government. However, the material in this book is written at a level accessible to Canadian Language Benchmarks 3 to 7.

Judy Cameron
Tracey Derwing

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