Tips for... Series

This series covers topics of practical classroom-centered interest for English-language teachers. 

Sous la direction de: H. Douglas Brown
Auteurs: Joan Jamieson, Carol Chappelle, Joe McVeigh, Ann Wintergerst, Jack Richards, Anne Burns, Linda Lane
Discipline: Methodology
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Written in clearly comprehensible terms, each book offers soundly conceived practical approaches to classroom instruction, firmly grounded in current pedagogical research.

Tips for Teaching Listening introduces contemporary research and specific techniques for teaching listening. Topics include the listening process, skills, text types, academic listening, course planning and assessment.

It includes:

• What the Teacher Should Know and What the Teacher Can Do sections to link pedagogical research with classroom techniques

• photocopiable activities in chapters and appendices, which provide classroom ideas for implementing each tip

• authentic learning and teaching experiences in each chapter

• an audio CD with MP3 audio files for select handouts

Joan Jamieson
Carol Chappelle
Joe McVeigh
Ann Wintergerst
Jack Richards
Anne Burns
Linda Lane
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Tips For Teaching CALL 9780132404280 X 48,95 $
Tips For Teaching Culture 9780132458221 X 48,95 $
Tips For Teaching Pronunciation 9780138136291 X 48,95 $
Tips for Teaching Listening 9780132314831 X 48,95 $

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