Side By Side Extra

Learn English with Side by Side Extra, a 4-level program based on the classic Side by Side, which has helped more than 30 million students. Fun and easy to use, the series focuses on all four skills and teaches students life skills for meeting the needs of daily life and work.

Auteurs: Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss
Discipline: Integrated Skills
Niveau: From Beginner to Advanced
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A great series using real situations to engage students to learn English.

Teach off the page

Just open the book and teach. It's that simple to use. There is no need for lots of preparation. The course is designed to be easy to use so that you can maximize your teaching time. The light tone and humorous illustrations make it fun for you to teach and for students to learn from.

  • Light-hearted, fun, and easy to use
  • Visually engaging material
  • Lots of material to extend class hours (new online resources)
  • Easy to navigate and fun online practice
  • Materials and methodology encourage students to study on their own
  • eText: digital version of Student Book with embedded audio

Offers students life skills for meeting the needs of daily life and work

The material helps students build general language proficiency and teaches students life skills for meeting the needs of daily life and work. The manual shows real situations to engage students and captivate their interests. Students have plenty of opportunities to practise their communication skills. The material is ideal for visual learners who have trouble staying motivated with traditional course textbooks. Students can track their progress with chapter tests and skills checks.

Get students talking quickly

The conversational approach gets your students, even beginners, communicating quickly. The guided conversations and structured dialogues encourage students to use their initiative and communicate among themselves, recycling language in each lesson.

What's new?

  • Student Book: expanded grammar section, new self-assessment pages
  • FunZone digital amusement park includes flashcards, skill-building activities and videos (levels 1 & 2)
  • Activity Workbook: new Gazette activities with expanded skills practice, new communication activities, now with audio
  • Lots of additional practice in the Student Book, Activity Workbook and new eText keeps students motivated to learn
  • Expanded grammar section with new Grammar Focus activities
Steven J. Molinsky

Steven J. Molinsky is Professor of Education at Boston University, where he is a senior faculty member in the Graduate Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. He holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Linguistics from Harvard University. His primary interest is the development of innovative approaches to language teaching. He has taught methodology courses at Boston University for more than 30 years and has worked with teachers in-training throughout the world.

Bill Bliss

Bill Bliss is President of the Language and Communication Workshop, which provides training and consulting services in language learning, literacy, immigrant education, and citizenship. Since 1974, he has worked as a teacher, trainer, refugee camp program manager, consultant to government agencies and school systems, and advocate for immigrant and refugee education. He holds an M.Ed. degree from Harvard University. His interests include social justice education, immigration policy, and the impact of social media and emerging technologies on education.

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