Perspectives | Student Book + My eLab (12 months)

Auteur: Brent Davis Reid
Collection: Perspectives
Âge: De 17 à ans
Thèmes: Integrated
Sous-thèmes: Block A

ISBN: 9782761332873
Copyright: 2010

Prix de détail: 56,95 $
Nombre de pages: 264
Format: Produit de détail, articles multiples

A new breed of materials for A-102!

This product includes:

  • Student Book
  • My eLab (12 months)

Perspectives is a four-skills college-level textbook with grammar designed for high intermediate students of English as a Second Langauge (ESL). In Perspectives , students are asked to consider a variety of opinions and the influences that shaped these opinions with the intention of fostering cultural awareness and openness, and honing English language skills. In addition to studying English from a different approach, students are also introduced to a new textbook concept, which amalgamates both traditional textbook and new cutting-edge technology. Thanks to these new interactive tools, teachers and students alike can benefit from various features such as projection and note-sharing with the Grammar Guide eText, and self-grading and tracking capabilities with the CW+. It is time to open up to new worlds, and look at the study of English from new Perspectives!

My eLab is an intuitive and user-friendly online learning environment. My eLab provides practice opportunities through self-graded activities, allowing teachers to track students' progress without having to correct the extra work.

Brent Davis Reid
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