NorthStar, 4th ed. - Reading and Writing 5 | eText  + MyEnglishLab

Auteurs: Robert F. Cohen, Judy L. Miller
Discipline: Integrated Skills
Niveau: High-Intermediate

ISBN: 9780133382501
Copyright: 2015

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Engage students with a blended-learning course for the 21st century

Offering maximum flexibility for different learning styles and needs, a digital version of the student book can be used on iPad and Android devices.

MyEnglishLab: NorthStar -  Students use MyEnglishLab to access additional practice online, view videos, listen to audio selections and receive instant feedback on their work. Teachers assign MyEnglishLab activities to reinforce the skills students learn in class and monitor progress through an online grade book. 

Robert F. Cohen

If Robert F. Cohen were to think of a keyword that could readily generate thoughts about “who he is,” he would say that the word “language” probably best opens the door to such reveries. As a child growing up in New York, he was always fascinated when he heard English being spoken by people whose accents suggested that they came from backgrounds totally different from his own. To be sure, this fascination at an early age with people of different “tongues” explains the general thrust behind his passion for foreign language study (French, German, Hebrew, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian), and his pursuit of degrees in French language and literature at Queens College (B.A.), Columbia University (M.A.), and Harvard University (Ph.D.). Learning other languages to understand himself and others better has been the focus of his life’s work. Throughout his professional career as a writer and teacher, Robert has always maintained that his role as an educator has been to go beyond the confines of the subject matter itself in order to arrive at a more “concrete” goal - that of teaching people to have compassion for one another.

Judy L. Miller

After Barnard and Columbia Graduate School in History, Judy L. Miller spent fifteen years in Paris, most of them teaching English at an engineering school of the Paris Chamber of Commerce. She remembers her first day in front of a class. The students all noisily stood up at attention when she entered the room. She was so insecure that she thought it was all an elaborate prank. “Sit down, immediately, all of you. What is the meaning of all this” Total silence. Finally, one lone voice: ” . . . a sign of respect.” By the time she returned to New York with her daughter fifteen years later, she knew all about those silences. Whether in elementary schools, at community colleges, in adult education, at music conservatories, or back at Columbia University, where she is teaching now, the best part about teaching is the students.

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