The Fields series is an integrated skills series adapted to both pre-university and technical programs.

Auteurs: Caroline Orton, Carolyn Brophy
Discipline: Integrated Skills
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English for Work and Study

Designed with flexibility in mind, both textbooks can be completed as a sequence or in the order you deem appropriate. It allows students the opportunity to establish links with their individual field of study and covers topics of interest to all.

It includes:

  • themes, topics and tasks that can be exploited in all different fields of study to prepare students for university and/or the workforce
  • field-related projects and assignments that can be completed as part of a unit or on its/their own, to get students to make links with their own field
  • a high focus on Academic Word List content and work-related terminology across all fields to familiarize students with vocabulary they will encounter in university or the workplace
  • Fields of Vision handy grammar guide with explanations and practice of form, use and exceptions, and extensive self-graded exercises online
Caroline Orton
Carolyn Brophy
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Fields of Opportunity | Skills Book + My eLab STUDENT (12 months) 978-2-7613-2865-4 X 12 mois 39,95 $
Fields of Opportunity | Skills My eLab STUDENT (12 months) 978-2-7613-4383-1 12 mois 29,95 $ Acheter
Fields of Opportunity | Student Grammar Book 978-2-7613-2988-0 X 33,95 $
Fields of Opportunity | Teacher's Annotated Grammar Book 978-2-7613-3129-6 X 32,95 $
Fields of Opportunity | Skills & Grammar Books + My eLab STUDENT (12 months) 978-2-7613-3434-1 X 12 mois 62,95 $
Fields of Opportunity | Audio CD 978-2-7613-3060-2 56,95 $
Fields of Opportunity | DVD 978-2-7613-3061-9 108,95 $
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Fields of Vision | Skills Book + My eLab STUDENT (12 months) 978-2-7613-5402-8 X 12 mois 36,95 $
Fields of Vision - Skills My eLab STUDENT (12-month access) 978-2-7613-4351-0 12 mois 9,95 $ Acheter
Fields of Vision - Skills and Grammar My eLab STUDENT (12-month access) 978-2-7613-4467-8 12 mois 30,95 $ Acheter
Fields of Vision - Teacher's Annotated Skills Book 978-2-7613-3848-6 X 37,95 $
Fields of Vision - Student Grammar Book 978-2-7613-5403-5 X 33,95 $
Fields of Vision - Audio CD 978-2-7613-3850-9 55,95 $
Fields of Vision - DVD 978-2-7613-3851-6 108,95 $

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