Avenues 2, 2nd ed. - Skills | Teacher's annotated ed. | Book + eText + Online Practice (60-month access)

Collection: Avenues

ISBN: 9782761381338
Copyright: 2017

Prix de détail: 39,95 $
Nombre de pages: 176
Format: Livre broché/à couverture souple

Avenues 2 English Skills - Teacher's Annotated Edition includes answer keys and notes as well as 12-month access to e-space. 

E-space: a stimulating interactive resource 

E-space gives students extra practice opportunities. Through an easy-to-use online platform, students can access extra activities to practise reading and listening skills as well as vocabulary and grammar. All activities are automatically graded, which gives students instant feedback and an opportunity to focus on areas that require more practice.


  • Online gradebok with results
  • Testing materials
  • Evaluation grids
  • Transcripts for all the audios and videos
  • Answer keys
  • eText of the book for projecting and presenting


  • Extensive online practice with additional reading and listening activities
  • Basic vocabulary practice exercises
  • Reading strategy practice exercises
  • Access to all the audios and videos
  • eText of the book

Track students' progress easily with Avenues 2 English Skills - Teacher's Annotated Edition.

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