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Avenues 2, 2nd ed. - Grammar | Book + eText + Online Practice

Auteur: Lynne Gaetz
Collection: Avenues
Discipline: Grammar

ISBN: 9782761381628
Copyright: 2017

Prix de détail: 35,95 $
Format: Produit de détail, articles multiples

The reference to mastering English grammar essentials

Developed for intermediate-level ESL students, Avenues 2: English Grammar, Second Edition offers thorough coverage of grammar concepts through clear explanations and a variety of exercises that complement the themes in Avenues 2: English Skills, Second Edition. Written by Lynne Gaetz, Avenues 2: English Grammar also features short writing and speaking tasks that allow students to apply grammar concepts. Each unit ends with review sections that can be used for testing purposes.

A handy reference booklet, Avenues 2: Grammar Review Guide, containing charts of key grammar points, is included.

Avenues 2: English Grammar features:

  • speaking activities that introduce students to concepts;
  • Forms and Usage sections that explain grammar concepts;
  • extensive practice sections that complement themes in Avenues 2 English Skills ;
  • unit and final reviews that can be used for testing purposes.

E-space gives students extra practice opportunities. Through an easy-to-use online platform, students can access extra activities to practise the grammar notions studied in each unit of the book. All activities are automatically graded, which gives students instant feedback and an opportunity to focus on areas that require more practice.

E-space provides access to:

  • additional reading exercises based on the readings in the chapters;
  • extra readings with comprehension questions for extra practice;
  • vocabulary exercises to test vocabulary covered in the chapters as well as additional vocabulary practice;
  • all listening and viewing segments from the book with additional exercises;
  • extra listening and viewing segments with accompanying exercises;
  • a special reading strategies folder with tips and exercises.

Combine Avenues 2: English Grammar with online practice and eText and maximize the practice opportunities!

Lynne Gaetz

Lynne Gaetz taught ESL for over twenty years at Collège Lionel-Groulx. The author of many ESL series in Canada, she has also authored developmental writing books for the US. She has an MA in English Literature, a TESL diploma, and a college teaching diploma.

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