Develop English fluency with the Avenues series, conceived specifically for low-beginner to high-intermediate students in an academic context. Written by Lynne Gaetz, author of the successful Open series, Avenues provides a vast selection of texts, extensive practice, and solid strategies and tips to help students become more comfortable in English.

Auteur: Lynne Gaetz
Discipline: Block A, EAP, Grammar, Integrated Skills
Niveau: From Beginner to High-Intermediate
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Your roadmap to excellent English skills

Avenues includes:

  • an extensive selection of high-interest reading, listening and watching texts, including additional texts online with self-grading activities, to provide students with plenty of practice;
  • revising and editing strategies to help students become more autonomous when producing texts;
  • solid support with Vocabulary Boosts and Pronunciation Tips, as well as Writing Workshops with step-by-step instructions to develop students’ production skills;
  • effective reading strategies with online exercises to assist students with reading comprehension;
  • coverage of grammar related to themes studied in the skills books to help students avoid common grammar errors;
  • speaking and writing activities that expose students to grammar concepts through a communicative approach in the grammar books.

Available with e-space

E-space for students, available with Avenues skills and grammar books, gives students extra practice opportunities:

  • additional reading exercises based on the readings in the chapters;
  • extra readings with comprehension questions for extra practice;
  • vocabulary exercises to test vocabulary covered in the chapters;
  • all listening and watching segments from the skills books with additional exercises;
  • extra listening and watching segments with accompanying exercises;
  • a special reading strategies folder with tips and exercises.

E-space helps teachers to track students’ progress through a user-friendly gradebook, which displays grades for each activity. All grades are easily exported in standard formats, allowing teachers to use them as they see fit.

E-space also includes:

  • formal reading tests based on new readings;
  • formal listening tests based on new audio segments;
  • speaking and writing evaluation grids.

Combine Avenues skills and grammar books with the e-space platform and maximize practice opportunities!

Lynne Gaetz

Lynne Gaetz taught ESL for over twenty years at Collège Lionel-Groulx. The author of many ESL series in Canada, she has also authored developmental writing books for the US. She has an MA in English Literature, a TESL diploma, and a college teaching diploma.

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