Grammar for Academic Purposes 1 | Book + eText + Online Practice (12 months)

Auteur: Steve Marshall
Collection: Advance in Academic Writing
Discipline: EAP

ISBN: 9782761396790
Copyright: 2019

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Sharpen your grammatical accuracy

Grammar for Academic Purposes is the first book in a two-level series covering key aspects of English grammar and sentence structure that are particularly relevant to academic writing.

The book provides clear and detailed explanation of rules, carefully designed tasks, and summary charts of the grammar points introduced in the writing chapters. A diagnostic test, as well as extra grammar practice is available in e-space.

Access the eText and its additional resources anytime, anywhere!

The eText can be projected in its entirety in class and can also be consulted on a computer or tablet. This easy-to-use, efficient product offer teachers and students a multitude of learning possibilities. 

For students 
  • They can easily consult notes added by their teacher for their specific group/class. 
  • They can highlight important information and add their own notes. 
For teachers 
  • Display the handouts that tie in with a particular activity with a simple click. 
  • Integrate your personal notes and favourite links for each group. 
  • Create personalized instruction by classifying the pages according to your lesson plans. 

Customized e-space

E-space includes an extensive grammar and sentence structure diagnostic as well as consolidation activities for each unit. Activities are self-grading, with instant feedback. Students can work at their own pace and see answers immediately. Correct answers are acknowledged, and wrong answers are explained, with directions to the relevant page(s) in the unit.

Blended learning with e-space

For students:
  • Diagnostic and practice, anytime, anywhere
  • Instant feedback
  • Gradebook to help focus on areas for improvement
For teachers:
  • Automatic correction that saves time
  • eText of the print book for classroom presentations

GSE: Level 1 > 60-75

Steve Marshall

​Steve Marshall is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, Canada. He teaches academic writing and applied linguistics, and researches English for academic purposes and academic writing across the disciplines. Steve has a Ph.D. from the Institute of Education at University College London and over 25 years’ experience teaching academic writing. He is the author of numerous academic articles and books.

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