Focus on Grammar 4, 5th ed. | eText + MyEnglishLab

Auteurs: Margaret Bonner, Marjorie Fuchs
Collection: Focus on Grammar
Discipline: Grammar

ISBN: 9780134693453
Copyright: 2017

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Complete - Contextualized - Communicative

Focus on Grammar is the most popular contextualized grammar series worldwide. Its unique four-step approach takes students from context to communication - blending content, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking in a complete program. Centered on thematic instruction, Focus on Grammar combines comprehensive grammar coverage with abundant practice, critical thinking skills, and ongoing assessment, helping students communicate confidently, accurately, and fluently in everyday situations.

New in the fifth edition:
  • Content centered on current topics, and grammar charts and notes updated.
  • Expanded communicative activities encourage collaboration and the correct use of grammar.
  • From Grammar to Writing section shows students how to use grammar when writing.
  • Assessment tools, including diagnostic tests, formative and summative assessments to inform your teaching and measure progress.
  • Essential Online Resources include Student Book audio, answer keys, Grammar Coach videos, self assessments and teacher's resources.
  • Updated MyEnglishLab offers extra practice and grammar videos with immediate feedback and remediation tasks to improve accuracy.

eText - Your Manual Where And When You Want It
The entire manual at your fingertips, with a personalized annotation tool and a search engine.


Get Connected > Practise > Succeed
MyEnglishLab offers students further practice as they work through the coursebook.

  • Every lesson in the Student Books has corresponding follow up activities in MyEnglishLab.
  • Students use MyEnglishLab to access additional practice online, view videos, listen to audio, and receive instant feedback on their work. 
  • Teachers assign MyEnglishLab activities to reinforce the skills students learned in class and monitor progress through an online gradebook.
  • The gradebook tracks students? performance, and identifies their strengths and weaknesses, allowing teachers to tailor classes to the demands of the class or individuals. 
  • MyEnglishLab encourages students to analyse what they are doing rather than just guessing.
Margaret Bonner
Marjorie Fuchs
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