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Auteurs: Susan Quirk Drolet, Ann Farrell Seguin
Collection: Technically Speaking
Discipline: Business English
Niveau: Intermediate

ISBN: 9782761358934
Copyright: 2014

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Nombre de pages: 264
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Specifically designed for technical programs, the  Technically Speaking coursebook with online practice helps intermediate students develop their English communication skills for the workplace.

The new third edition not only contains updated content that relates to today's working realities, but now comes with My eLab, a comprehensive system that provides interactive practice and testing for students and additional tools for teachers.

It features:

Universal themes relevant to all programs

Topics were carefully developed to be job-oriented, whilst being general enough to be applied to any industry, in order to prepare students for their transition into the job market.

Field-related vocabulary development

General work-related vocabulary is presented and reinforced throughout each unit, whereas program-related vocabulary is presented in the Reference Section.

Updated career-oriented texts

Interesting and thought-provoking readings, audio texts and videos elicit students to think critically about about various topics related to the workplace. Discussion topics and writing assignments follow the listening and watching activities to encourage students to make links with their own lives.

Scaffolded speaking activities

Beyond the discussion topics that follow the activities, each unit includes structured speaking activities that require students to work in groups or in pairs to elaborate on a point made in the previous activity.

Comprehensive grammar section

Grammar is consolidated at the end of the book with the presentation of grammar rules, examples of their application and some grammar exercises. Extensive grammar practice and drills with self-graded activities are available on My eLab.

Consolidation of skills and vocabulary learned

The Portfolio Activity at the end of each unit enables students to put into practice skills and vocabulary learned. Portfolio activities can be improved based on teacher feedback and assembled into one complete portfolio that meets specific presentation criteria for a final term project.

Helpful strategies, models and vocabulary

The Reference Section at the end of the book provides students with useful grammar charts, practical strategies and models for taking notes and writing a summary, as well as program-related vocabulary.

Focus on communication skills

The Supplementary Unit covers various communication skills, teaching students video call etiquette, common expressions to use in telephone conversations, etc.

Available with My eLab


allowing you to customize content to fit your needs

No more correction

time-saving automatic grading


engaging and motivating for your students

Susan Quirk Drolet
Ann Farrell Seguin
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