Intelligent Business

Intelligent Business is a dynamic and flexible course with an integrated range of components to develop students' knowledge of the business world and the skills needed to work within it.

Auteurs: Irene Barrall, Nikolas Barrall, Christine Johnson, Tonya Trappe, Graham Tullis, Louise Pile, Susan Lowe, Helena Gomm, Tony Garside
Discipline: Anglais langue seconde, Business English
Niveau: From Beginner to Advanced
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Develop students’ skills for the business world!

Intelligent Business includes:

  • a wealth of authentic materials, such as articles from The Economist, to engage and inspire students
  • practical guidance in writing a wide range of correspondence and emails
  • a Skills Book with highly focused training in functional language and communication strategies used in the workplace, such as closing deals, handling conflict and engaging in public speaking
  • a CD-ROM with interactive exercises and audio and video materials, ideal for self-study.
Irene Barrall

Irene Barrall has enjoyed a successful career as a teacher, author and teacher trainer and has worked in a variety of interesting countries. Prior to teaching, she gained valuable business insight through her work in marketing and banking. Publications for Pearson include the award winning Intelligent Business series and the Lifestyle series. She has also written material for electronic media and graded readers as well as prize winning fiction and is a school governor in charge of literacy development.

Nikolas Barrall
Christine Johnson
Tonya Trappe
Graham Tullis
Louise Pile
Susan Lowe
Helena Gomm
Tony Garside
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Intelligent Business Elementary - Coursebook with CD 9781408255988 X 53,95 $
Intelligent Business Elementary - Skills Book with CD-ROM 9781405881418 X 48,95 $
Intelligent Business Elementary - Workbook with CD 9781405881432 X 30,95 $
Intelligent Business Elementary - Teacher's Book w/ Test Master CD-ROM 9781405881425 X 76,95 $
Intelligent Business Elementary - Coursebook CDs 9781405849760 X 93,95 $
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Intelligent Business Pre-Intermediate - Coursebook with CD 9781408256008 X 53,95 $
Intelligent Business Pre-Intermediate - Skills Book with CD-ROM 9780582846920 X 47,95 $
Intelligent Business Pre-Intermediate - Workbook with CD 9780582846951 X 31,95 $
Intelligent Business Pre-Intermediate - Teacher's Book w/ Test Master CD-ROM 9781405843393 X 76,95 $
Intelligent Business Pre-Intermediate - Audio CDs 9780582840515 93,95 $
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Intelligent Business Advanced - Course Book w/CD 9781408255971 X 53,95 $
Intelligent Business Advanced - Skills Book with CD-ROM 9781408267950 X 48,95 $
Intelligent Business Advanced - Coursebook 9781408217733 X 42,95 $
Intelligent Business Advanced - Workbook w/Audio CD 9781408267974 X 31,95 $
Intelligent Business Advanced - Teacher's Book w/ Test Master CD-ROM 9781408267967 X 63,95 $
Intelligent Business Advanced - Audio CDs 9781408217740 47,95 $

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