Market Leader, 3rd Ed. Extra - Elementary | Active Teach CD-ROM

Collection: Market Leader
Discipline: Business English
Niveau: Beginner

ISBN: 9781292124551
Copyright: 2016

Prix de détail: 142,95 $
Format: CD-ROM

Everything you need to teach on one disk

ActiveTeach is a digital software for interactive whiteboard and computers with a projector.


Gone are the days of the lost CD, folder upon folder of extra resources and the missing coursebook. Now the days of ActiveTeach have arrived.


Pop the disk into your computer and...

  • manage your class smoothly
  • manage your time efficiently
  • have additional activities at the click of a button


ActiveTeach provides the Course Book in digital format, offering:

  • Course Book pages with zoom features.
  • Video interviews and case study commentaries.
  • Class audio with time coded audio scripts.
  • Interactive activities.
  • Phonetic charts.
  • Teacher notes and printable worksheets.
  • iGlossary, Grammar reference and Writing Files.
  • Help videos.

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