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Great ideas to end the school year on a high note!

12 juin 2019

The end of the school year is fast approaching! Maybe some of your students (or yourself!) have already started counting down the days left before summer vacation. Sure there’s excitement in the air, but despite all the tests and the fatigue, this time is as important as the beginning of...

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Blended learning strategy for elementary teaching

11 mai 2018

The 21st century classroom has no walls – thanks to the Internet, teachers with access to computers, smartphones and tablets can immerse their students in a world of fascinating videos, games, facts and creativity.

Blended learning is far more than just a combination of print and digital...

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The Importance of the Writing Process for Students

10 avril 2017

Last week, I had to prepare a letter to parents for an upcoming school trip. After meeting with my colleagues and taking notes on what needed to be included in the letter, I sat down and wrote my first draft. My next step was to read over my letter to make sure I had not forgotten...

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