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How can I help my students acquire field-related vocabulary that is relevant and meaningful to them?

13 avril 2018

Vocabulary acquisition in a B-block course is very much a double-edged sword. When I started teaching field-related English, I expected vocabulary to be a nonissue. After all, in a class where students are supposed to work on field-specific topics, focusing the selection of salient...

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4 things you need to know in order to choose the right texts for ESL students!

21 février 2018

Choosing the right texts for a themed unit or activity is a challenge for ESL teachers. No one would argue that reading helps students acquire knowledge and vocabulary. Reading also helps with spelling and writing and can give students the much needed functional language to express...

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What’s the word?

06 février 2017

The number one excuse that students give for reverting to their mother tongue in an ESL classroom is not knowing the word they need in English. Having sufficient vocabulary to communicate is essential to students. That’s why, as teachers, we provide them with functional language when...

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