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5 fun and easy ways to encourage your students to speak English in class! 

05 Novembre 2018

What? I need to speak English? Help!? It happens to everyone. Teachers often ask themselves, "What can I do to get my students to speak English?" While it may seem obvious, it isn’t always easy to put into practice, as any teacher will tell you. Here are some useful tips to help your...

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Blended learning strategy for elementary teaching

11 mai 2018

The 21st century classroom has no walls – thanks to the Internet, teachers with access to computers, smartphones and tablets can immerse their students in a world of fascinating videos, games, facts and creativity.

Blended learning is far more than just a combination of print and digital...

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More than just projecting: discover how to make better use of your digital components!

11 mai 2018

Back in the day, teachers purchased a big teacher’s guide that contained all of the pages from the student’s book and also some extra handouts to be photocopied. Forgot the teacher’s guide at home? Too bad, it would have to wait. And if your school already purchased a teacher’s guide...

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5 ways to encourage your students to get talking!

19 mars 2018

To learn a second language, communication is key. But communication in a second language can be a source of stress for some students. There are lots of things a teacher can do to foster communication in the classroom and encourage students to take risks and talk!

1-Being a good role...

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