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3 great teaching ideas from Gaétane, our ESL teacher of the month!

04 avril 2019

Meet Gaétane, who teaches in 3 different schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the Commission scolaire de la Riveraine. This year, she has a multi-level class, so she has the extra challenge of finding material accessible for both levels and cycles. Luckily, she’s full of ideas and...

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3 awesome teaching tips from Rachel, our ESL teacher of the month!

07 février 2019

Meet Rachel, who teaches in 3 different schools at the Commission Scolaire des Sommets, near the US border. This year, she has multi-level classes, so she has the added challenge of finding material that meets all her students’ needs. As our February teacher of the month, she’s shared 3...

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3 awesome teaching tips from Laura, our ESL teacher of the month!

28 janvier 2019

Meet Laura, who is a 3rd cycle ESL teacher at the Commission Scolaire de Montréal. This year, she’s teaching Grade 6. She is fortunate to see her students one full day each week, so her creativity and ideas have lots of time to materialize. As our January teacher of the month, she’s...

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3 awesome teaching tips from Frédérick, our ESL teacher of the month!

06 Novembre 2018

Meet Frédérick who has been teaching ESL for more than 20 years! Currently working at the Commission scolaire des Découvreurs, he’s teaching ESL to 12 groups ranging from grades 3 to 6. His students love his dynamic classes and he loves to keep them entertained. His extensive teaching...

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See what ESL teachers can teach you!

23 août 2018

A little bit like superheroes’ work, ESL teachers’ work is crucial but often done in the shadows. This is exactly why we want to shine a light on your hard work and your precious knowledge. We know that many of you accomplish extraordinary things despite the constraints you face. Since we...

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Make the best out of teaching from a cart

21 août 2018

No classroom, no problem! Being a mobile or floating teacher can seem overwhelming at first, but with these 5 useful tips you’ll be able to create an efficient mobile classroom. Welcome to the teacherhood of the travelling cart!

1- Customize your cart

First things first: get yourself a...

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