Morning greetings: a winning routine for students and teachers!

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19 août 2019

Take advantage of the school year that is about to begin to set up a routine, as simple as it is pleasant for both the students and the teacher: the personalized welcome of students. Welcoming each student every morning at the classroom door helps establish a positive atmosphere for the day, increasing the student’s sense of belonging and minimizing disruptive behaviour. According to this article by, a study shows that the reception of students in the class plays a determining role in terms of commitment and behaviour, two crucial factors in establishing a positive learning environment.

Here are the important points to remember, and all the relevant documents to download, to set up a personalized welcome at your classroom door!

How to use the personalized welcome!

A few years ago, Barry White Jr.’s unique handshakes especially created for each of his 40 students went viral. But being more than just an internet sensation, it brought attention to the importance of building authentic and strong teacher-student relationships. Just like Mr. White, you can have a positive impact on your students’ day in just a few easy steps!

As you stand at your classroom door:

  • Say hello to each student by name. He/She will immediately feel welcome in your class. 
  • Exchange a non-verbal greeting, such as a handshake, a little dance, a hug, or a thumbs up. Some students will prefer to exchange a greeting that involves physical contact while others will not. Place pictograms near the door of your classroom and let each student pick a greeting of their choice. Here are 12 pictograms to download: wink, fist bump, hug, dance, thumbs up, handshake, wave hello, high five, heart hand… It’s up to you to choose the most meaningful ones and create a poster to your liking. 

Personalized student welcome pictograms to download

  • Ask the student how he/she is doing. If necessary, use the opportunity to improve behaviour in a positive and constructive way: “Nicolas, I know your are able to listen well, you had a very good day yesterday. Continue to do the same and have a great day today!”  
  • As suggested by, once the routine is well established and understood by your students, do the same as Ashley Coston Taylor, a kindergarten teacher and give the “friend of the day” the privilege of welcoming fellow students. Watch the viral video published by Ms. Coston Taylor on Facebook in 2018.
  • Add a dismissal routine! After a while, why not take a moment at the end of the day and make the welcome greeting, a dismissal greeting.

Greet your students in a welcoming way! Show that their presence in your class is important and that they each have their place! Take this simple yet important step to strengthen the teacher-student relationship while building a positive and inclusive classroom atmosphere.

Wishing you a great new school year!

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