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Par: Pearson ERPI

23 août 2018

A little bit like superheroes’ work, ESL teachers’ work is crucial but often done in the shadows. This is exactly why we want to shine a light on your hard work and your precious knowledge. We know that many of you accomplish extraordinary things despite the constraints you face. Since we at Pearson ERPI believe in a strong community, in the power of collaboration and in constant learning, no matter what stage of life we are in, we want you to share your insights with your peers.

We also know you have more than a few tricks up your sleeve that can benefit other ESL teachers, which is why we want to feature them in our upcoming newsletters. Share with us advice you wish you had been given at the beginning of your career, organization tips or great ideas that save you time when you teach multiple classes or multiple levels, and we will gladly feature them in our upcoming newsletters. What better way to learn than from the wisdom and experience of our peers? 

Go ahead, send us an email to with your best advice, tip or trick and take part in creating a vibrant knowledge pool for ESL teachers! And don’t miss our next issue, you might learn a few tips and see your advice being featured!

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