Blended learning strategy for elementary teaching

Par: Katie Meehan in collaboration with Pearson ERPI

11 mai 2018

The 21st century classroom has no walls – thanks to the Internet, teachers with access to computers, smartphones and tablets can immerse their students in a world of fascinating videos, games, facts and creativity.

Blended learning is far more than just a combination of print and digital materials. It personalizes the learning environment, allows for spontaneous learning opportunities, deeply engages students with relevant materials and facilitates flexible teaching.

Beginning in the elementary classroom, blended learning provides students with the tools they need to become autonomous learners and prepare themselves for a lifelong education and a successful future.

So what should you know about blended learning, and how can you start to take full advantage of the technology at your disposal?

Personalized and autonomous learning

First and foremost, rather than a distraction or a “fad,” technology should be seen as a tool to engage learners in a particular topic.

Generation Z – that is young people born between 1995 and the mid-2000s – has grown up with the Internet, Google, and social networking. A world without the web and related technology is almost unimaginable for them; it brings them freedom, autonomy and their online identities are an important part of their lives.

Rather than trying to swim upstream and ban technology in the classroom, teachers can use the affinity their students have with tech tools to their advantage.

Under the direction of the teacher, blended learning can bring an element of fun, interest and variety to the classroom. It is able to add layers to classroom topics, allowing students to go deeper into exploring ideas and fact-finding. What’s more, it allows students to expand their knowledge in a truly personalized way. It facilitates deeper learning.

By setting goals and giving learners the freedom to focus on the most relevant and interesting aspects of a project, educators can teach an entire class, yet still personalize it for each individual student.

Moreover, educators who teach students the skills they need to research, question, and learn with technology in the classroom also set the stage for self-study and autonomous learning. With the right tools and know-how, motivated students are in an excellent position to get ahead; autonomous learning has been shown to have a big impact on learner outcomes.

Broader learning opportunities

If a class is relevant, personalized, fun and uses tools that students like using, education becomes something to look forward to and something that they can participate in, in their daily lives.

Blended learning creates opportunities for students to engage with English outside of the classroom. They can transfer what they learn in class to their home and social environments. 

Poptropica English: A four-level series of exciting in-class and online materials for elementary ESL

Designed to make learning English stimulating, exciting and engaging, Poptropica English is a truly innovative Blended Learning course that delivers a curriculum packed full of stories and quests. Students visit a different island each year and get to know the local Poptropicans through a sequence of related activities and age-appropriate themes. They also participate in a wide range of stimulating activities outside their books: videos, games, songs, etc. A resource book, the Study Buddy, helps students review and consolidate their learning.  It is a valuable tool that supports learning in the classroom and at home. Poptropica is more than an activity book: it’s a wide range of stimulating activities that develop students’ language skills, build their confidence and get them excited about learning English. 


  • Student Package: Activity Book and Study Buddy Grades 3 to 6
  • Teacher Print Package Grades 3 to 6
    • the Annotated Answer Key for the target level
    • the Study Buddy for the target level
    • online access to audio and evaluation materials for the target level
    • the Scope and Sequence for all four levels of the program
  • Teacher Digital Package: one access - all four levels!
    • ready-to-use presentation tools for the IWB, including a pedagogical, animated sequence for each activity in the Activity Books
    • digital copies of the Activity Books and Annotated Answer Keys
    • an extensive bank of supplementary resources: 
      • for classroom fun (songs, games, videos, stories, picture cards)
      • for additional practice in all three competencies and grammar (handouts)

Embark on the Poptropica English adventure and discover an array of tools guaranteed to bring your classroom alive!

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