3 awesome teaching tips from Frédérick, our ESL teacher of the month!

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06 Novembre 2018

Meet Frédérick who has been teaching ESL for more than 20 years! Currently working at the Commission scolaire des Découvreurs, he’s teaching ESL to 12 groups ranging from grades 3 to 6. His students love his dynamic classes and he loves to keep them entertained. His extensive teaching experience allowed him to develop a clever way to assign homework and to assess prior knowledge. As our November teacher of the month, he’s sharing 3 of his precious tricks of the trade with us.

1. Keep the students motivated by making your lessons fun and dynamic!

Keeping the students motivated and interested in their English classes is key! Frédérick gesticulates and moves a lot to make his teaching dynamic. He loves to use humour and to make his students laugh. Rumour has it that he’s a little devil at times and that’s what makes his students eager to go to their English classes! Frédérick loves to keep his students entertained and always makes sure that he knows his different groups and their interests very well by listening to them. This way, he is in tune with what drives his students and what will fuel their interests. By always keeping his students on their toes, he maintains their interest as they know that learning English is also synonymous with having a fun class and a bit of a show!

2. Have a routine and assign homework as soon as the class starts.

Having fun while learning English doesn’t mean that there’s no structure. On the contrary, Frédérick has a well-established routine which ensures that every second of the class is maximized. Even though students are looking forward to their fun English class, they always have to enter the class in silence. The homework they will have to complete at home for next class is already up on the board. Rule number one: students have to write down their homework when they are most attentive and focused. Frédérick then teaches his class. He spends the last 5 minutes of the class reviewing the homework, which is directly related to the content that was just covered. Students can then be clear about the task that needs to be done since the material covered is still fresh in their mind.

3. Assess your students’ prior knowledge before tackling any lesson.

Like many teachers, before starting to teach any lesson, Frédérick always makes sure that he assesses what his students already know about the subject at hand. He does so in a dynamic way by using the interactive whiteboard and flash cards in order to quiz his students about what words or expressions they do or do not know. Frédérick is using our Poptropica English Collection for all his groups (grades 3 to 6) this year. He has been using the picture cards from the Bank of Resources found in the Teacher Digital Package to assess his students’ prior knowledge. Since the set of flashcards for each unit is meant to present and practice target vocabulary, he can instantly know where the students stand and he can easily adjust his lesson to the appropriate level.
If you, like Frédérick, have great ESL teaching tips of your own, go ahead, send us an email at and take part in creating a vibrant knowledge pool for ESL teachers!

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