Information for suppliers

Pearson’s suppliers (note that Pearson also refers to Pearson ERPI throughout the text) are critical to the success of the company. Our suppliers deliver everything from staples to content for our products; real estate management to technology.
Whether you’re an registered supplier or working with us for the first time, this site should provide you with everything you need.

What goods and services does Pearson buy?

Pearson buys goods and services in ten key categories:

Content that goes into our products

  • Editorial Services
  • Data Centers
  • Human Resources Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Softwares
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Telecommunications & Security
  • Travel, Fleet, and Events
  • Supply Chain

Our Global Procurement function sets the supplier strategy across each of these categories, selecting and vetting suppliers, putting in place agreements and managing relationships so the business can draw on these suppliers’ products and services to do their jobs.
Once a supplier is approved the business is free to transact with a supplier as and when needed. Approved suppliers may be contacted by various parts of the business requesting goods or services.
When agreements are due for renewal or a new need is identified the strategic function will lead this process inviting incumbent suppliers and any relevant new suppliers to take part.

Info for Contractors / Contingent Workers

As with any global company, Pearson needs short-term specialist support for a variety of roles, from administration to marketing, from technology to editorial services - we have a centralised program in place for managing these requirements.
If you are interested in learning more about what it is like to work at Pearson ERPI, visit the recruitment site for more information.

Our Policies

If you’re working as a Pearson supplier, you’ll need to comply with the following policies:

Always ask your Pearson contact for a Purchase Order (PO) before commencing work with Pearson. Pearson operates a No PO No Pay policy, so submitting an invoice without a PO will slow down your payment and may require you to resubmit your invoice. Your Pearson contact will inform you if a PO is not required by exception.

Our online buying tool: Coupa

In 2017, Pearson introduced a new online buying tool called Coupa. Coupa is being rolled out globally until the end of 2019 and will eventually replace all of our current buying tools for goods and services.
Coupa is now used by many of Pearson’s suppliers, with more joining at regular intervals.
When it is time for you to sign up to use Coupa, Pearson will work with you to support you through the transition.

How Coupa can help you

Coupa offers a number of benefits for Pearson’s suppliers. The Coupa Supplier Portal lets you do the following:

  • update your own business details, from your address to your bank details
  • see all of your Purchase Orders online and in one place
  • submit your invoices directly, reducing error and speeding up payment times
  • track progress on your invoice payments
  • create an invoice from a Purchase Order and submit it at the touch of a button

Coupa Supplier Guidance for New Suppliers
Read this guide to learn how to get set up on Coupa.

How to Submit an Invoice using Coupa for Pearson Purchase Orders
Learn how to flip your Pearson Purchase Order into an electronic Coupa invoice via the Coupa Supplier portal.
Read the guide

New Supplier Onboarding Guidance

As part of Pearson’s supplier onboarding process, we’ll need to set you up as a supplier in Coupa.
You’ll need to keep your eyes open for an email from that asks you to complete your details in Coupa via the Global Supplier Onboarding form.
These videos will help you to navigate the form.
If you require assistance at anytime please reach to your contact at Pearson.

Information about You and Your Business
Creating a Remit to Address and providing banking information Part 1
Creating a Remit to Address and providing banking information Part 2
Risk Questionnaire

Our payment process

Pearson understands that getting you paid on time is one of the most important parts of our relationship.
To ensure this happens, it’s important that you understand our basic process and work with your contacts at Pearson to have the right approvals in place at the right time.

The process

  1. We set you up as a supplier in Coupa.
  2. We send you a Purchase Order by email that allow you to go to Coupa.
  3. You deliver all or part of your goods or services.
  4. We raise a receipt in Coupa for delivery of these goods or services.
  5. You submit your invoice via Coupa.
  6. Payment is made when the purchase order, the invoice and the receipt match

Step 1
If you’re new to working with Pearson, we’ll need to set you up as a supplier in Coupa. Your Pearson contact will start this process.
You’ll need to keep your eyes open for an email from that asks you to complete your details in Coupa. We would advise you to add the domain to your safe senders/whitemail list in your email.
Once these details are complete and approved by our finance teams in Coupa, you’re Pearson contact will be able to raise your Purchase Order.

Step 2
Your Pearson contact will raise a Purchase Order which is the sign-off from the business for you to supply goods or services to us.
It’s important that you receive a Purchase Order before starting any work for us, as it will include terms and conditions, which clearly lay out the nature of your working relationship with Pearson.
Please be aware that if you supply services without having received a Purchase Order, Pearson is under no legal obligation to pay you.

Step 3
As a supplier, you will either deliver or partly deliver the required goods or services to your business contact.

Step 4
Once you’ve delivered these goods and services, we will create a receipt in the Coupa system.

Step 5
Submit your invoice via Coupa. The amount of the invoice should match either the full value or part of the value of the Purchase Order.
It must contain the same company details and references as on the Purchase Order. If any of this information is incorrect, your payment will be delayed.
For more information on submitting a compliant invoice, see our guides for:
How to Submit an Invoice using Coupa

Step 6
Coupa will compare the original Purchase Order, receipt, and invoice details. If they match, the system will release payment under the terms and conditions agreed in the Purchase Order.
See Pearson’s standard terms and conditions:

Please note Pearson’s standard payment terms are 45 days in North America.

Pearson’s Compliance with GDPR

The European Union General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) will be in effect as of 25 May 2018.
GDPR replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy, and to reshape the way organisations across the region approach data privacy.
This means all suppliers working with Pearson’s European businesses will need to legally comply with this regulation from this date.
As a result, Pearson has amended its standard terms and conditions, and all suppliers must comply.
For more information, see Pearson ERPI’s Privacy Notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pearson hire individual contractors and freelancers?
Yes. We often need short-term specialist support for a variety of roles, from edition , administration to marketing to technology.
If you’re interested in working with us, visit the Pearson ERPI recruitment site for more information.

Who do I contact if I have questions while working for Pearson as a supplier?
Reach out to your contact at Pearson.

Who do I contact for support with an invoice query?
Please continue to contact your regular Pearson contact for general inquiries.

Coupa FAQs

How do I invoice against a Coupa Purchase Order?
See our guide on How to Submit an Invoice using Coupa

What browsers does Coupa support?
For supported browsers, see the documentation for the relevant Coupa release. Coupa Sourcing works best with Chrome.

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