MonLab xL

MonLab XL is based on Pearson’s MyMathLab platform, a digital solution developed in collaboration with MIT that is used by more than 3000 institutions worldwide. It has hundreds of supplementary exercises complementary to those in the student book. It allows teachers to track their students’ progress online, and assists them with every step of each exercise to help them solve a problem.

MonLab XL includes:

  • Hundreds of supplementary exercises complementary to those in the student book.
  • Summative evaluation exercises with automatic correction (managed by the teacher).
  • The option to add exercises (teacher version). Settings such as accessibility, time allocation, number of tries, order of questions and weight of each question, allow teachers to supervise the execution of each activity.
  • Instant transmission of results.
  • An easy-to-use equations editor tool, which is integrated in the exercises.
  • No need for codes to enter an answer.
  • Step-by-step help for each exercise to help students solve a problem.
  • The option to add and modify exercises, select which questions will be evaluated and determine their weight and the number of tries allocated (teacher version).
  • An interactive work environment that encourages student participation and motivation.
  • A tally (teacher version) that allows teachers to observe students’ exercise results and participation rates, as well as to identify certain difficulties and the time required to complete each exercise. The teacher can therefore quickly target certain notions that are less understood.

MonLab XL can be purchased as a standalone version, with a student book or as part of a digital set (online edition + MonLab XL). It is available for the following products:

  • Principes de chimie générale
  • Principes de chimie des solutions
  • Calcul différentiel
  • Calcul intégral
  • Introduction à l’algèbre linéaire et à ses applications
  • Mise à niveau mathématique
  • Complément de méthodes quantitatives
  • Physique 1 – Mécanique
  • Physique 2 – Électricité et magnétisme
  • Physique 3 – Ondes, optique et physique moderne
  • Initiation à l'économie
  • Macroéconomie
  • Microéconomie

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