ERPI space

Optimize your students’ learning with our platform of web-based exercises that allow teachers to track their students’ progress online, and that include a variety of multimedia resources. These exercises are presented in a simple and intuitive work environment. They are corrected automatically, and offer cues and feedback to students. No more correcting! ERPI space is also an interactive work environment that encourages student participation and motivation.

ERPI space is available in TEACHER and STUDENT versions. It includes:

  TEACHER version STUDENT version
Hundreds of subject-specific exercises that are automatically corrected   Y
Instant receipt of results Y Y
Student support with cues and feedback for each exercise   Y
Option to add and modify exercises and to adjust their settings – time allocation, number of tries, order of questions, weight of each question – and to select which questions will be evaluated Y  
A variety of multimedia resources, available in the “Documents” module – supplementary texts, links, videos, animations, etc. Y Y
All course preparation materials, such as electronic slides and supplementary activities Y  
A performance sheet for each group, which paints a clear picture of the students’ progress and participation Y  

ERPI space can be purchased as a standalone version, with a printed title or as part of a digital set. It is available for most higher education titles and for the following products in the secondary sector:

English as a Second Language
  • Break Away
  • New Quiet Time
  • On Track
  • Express Yourself Plus
  • Raising the Bar / Raising the Bar Express
Social Sciences
  • Espace Temps, 2e édition
  • Archives
  • Chroniques
  • Profil
Adult General Formation
  • Chimie
  • Physique
  • Science et technologie
  • Science générale
  • Pixel
Science and Technology
  • Univers – L’essentiel
  • L’essentiel
  • Observatoire
  • Option Science

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