e-space platform

Optimize your students’ learning with our platform of web-based exercises that allow teachers to track their students’ progress online, and that includes a variety of multimedia resources. These exercises are presented in a simple and intuitive work environment. They are corrected automatically, and offer cues and feedback to students. No more correcting! e-space platform is also an interactive work environment that encourages student participation and motivation.


e-space platform is available in TEACHER and STUDENT versions. It includes:

  TEACHER version STUDENT version
Hundreds of subject-specific exercises that are automatically corrected   Y
Instant receipt of results Y Y
Student support with cues and feedback for each exercise   Y
Option to add and modify exercises and to adjust their settings – time allocation, number of tries, order of questions, weight of each question – and to select which questions will be evaluated Y  
A variety of multimedia resources, available in the “Documents” module – supplementary texts, links, videos, animations, etc. Y Y
All course preparation materials, such as electronic slides and supplementary activities Y  
A performance sheet for each group, which paints a clear picture of the students’ progress and participation Y  

e-space platform can be purchased as a standalone version, with a printed title or as part of a digital set. It is available for most higher education titles and for the following products in the secondary sector:

English as a Second Language
  • Break Away
  • New Quiet Time
  • On Track
  • Express Yourself Plus
  • Raising the Bar / Raising the Bar Express
Social Sciences
  • Espace Temps, 2e édition
  • Archives
  • Chroniques
  • Profil
Adult General Formation
  • Chimie
  • Physique
  • Science et technologie
  • Science générale
  • Pixel
Science and Technology
  • Univers – L’essentiel
  • L’essentiel
  • Observatoire
  • Option Science

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