eText / Online Edition

Our eTexts / Online Editions can be projected in their entirety in class and can also be consulted on a computer or tablet. These easy-to-use, efficient products offer teachers and students a multitude of learning possibilities.

For teachers

  • Project the book and answer key in their entirety in class.
  • Access its full contents from any computer.
  • In full screen mode, zoom in on all of the book’s visual elements (maps, outlines, photos, diagrams, etc.).
  • Have direct access to videos and website suggestions from one page to the next.
  • Display the handouts that tie in with a particular activity with a simple click.
  • Integrate your personal notes and favourite links for each group.
  • Create personalized instruction by classifying the pages according to your lesson plans.
  • Take advantage of conveniently integrated additional resources, such as supplementary activities, planning tools or evaluations.

For students

  • They can access the student book or activity book in its entirety from any computer at home, at school or elsewhere.
  • They can easily consult notes added by their teacher for their specific group/class.
  • They can highlight important information and add their own notes.
  • They can directly access videos and website suggestions from one page to the next.
  • They can carry out supplementary activities.

Our eTexts / Online Editions can be can be purchased as a standalone version, with My eLab or as part of a digital set. They are available for most Pearson ERPI books. 

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