Focus on Vocabulary

Focus on Vocabulary 1: Bridging Vocabulary fills the gap between high-frequency and lower-frequency vocabulary-teaching mid-frequency vocabulary and preparing intermediate to high-intermediate students for the kinds of words found in novels, newspapers, films and social and workplace settings.

Focus on Vocabulary 2: Mastering the Academic Word List uses thorough recycling of academic words and well-crafted exercises to introduce high-intermediate and advanced students to the vocabulary they need for academic and test-taking success.

Authors: Diane Schmitt, Norbert Schmitt, David Mann
Subject: Vocabulary
Level: From Intermediate to Advanced
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Bridging Vocabulary

Focus on Vocabulary includes:

• excerpts from popular material to give students hands-on preparation for understanding vocabulary found in social, academic and workplace settings

• Your Vocabulary Knowledge rubric to help students determine their level of familiarity with each chapter's target words

• target words that are carefully recycled in the reading passages and through activities focusing on word meanings, word families and collocations

• strategy practice chapters that offer tips for dictionary use, essay writing, word-knowledge expansion and other vocabulary-centred tasks

Diane Schmitt
Norbert Schmitt
David Mann
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Titles ISBN Printed
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Focus on Vocabulary 2 - Student Book 9780131376175 X $56.95
Focus on Vocabulary 2 - Answer Key & Tests 9780131376182 X -
Focus on Vocabulary 2 | eText 9780136972907 12 months $56.95 Buy

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