A Beginning Look at Canada, Fourth Edition

Author: Anne-Marie Kaskens
Collection: A Beginning Look at Canada, Fourth Edition
Subject: Reading
Level: High-beginner

ISBN: 9782761391030
Copyright: 2017

Retail price: $46.95
Number of pages: 188
Format: Hardback

A Beginning Look at Canada is a text for post-literacy to high-beginner ESL students who wish to learn about Canada while improving their reading and writing skills. It is also useful for other adult learners and students in the school system. 

  • Seventy readings describe fundamental facts and concepts about Canada?s geography, history, people and government in an easy-to-understand, sequenced format. 
  • Each reading is accompanied by several exercises to check comprehension and to develop reading skills such as skimming and scanning for information, categorizing, and reading charts and maps.
  • Provides an accessible format supported by numerous maps and functional illustrations that bolster understanding. 
  • Key terms are explained in a glossary to build vocabulary.

What?s new :

  • 4-colour interior
  • updated layout with opening spreads for each part
  • all new photos with captions to help students learn more about Canada
  • updated content including statistics from 2017

Teacher support:  Support materials including answer keys are available from Pearson language consultants.   

Part 1 The land

  • Canada?s Provinces and Territories
  • Canada?s Land
  • Canada?s Regions

Part 2 The people

  • Canada?s Population
  • Canadians and Work

Part 3 The history

  • Canada?s History

Part 4 The government

  • Canada?s Government
  • The Federal Government
  • The Provincial Government
  • The Municipal Government
Anne-Marie Kaskens

Anne-Marie Kaskens has extensive experience in teaching, curriculum design and material development for the adult English as a Second Language field. She currently works on government-funded curriculum and e-learning design projects for the Toronto Catholic District School Board Adult Education Program.

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