NorthStar, 4th ed. - Listening and Speaking 1 | Book w/ App + Resources

Authors: Laurie Barton, Polly Merdinger
Collection: NorthStar Listening and Speaking - New Edition
Subject: Integrated Skills
Level: Beginner

ISBN: 9780135232651
Copyright: 2019

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Get ready for academic study and the workplace of tomorrow

Northstar is an intensive integrated skills course. It incorporates critical thinking and academic skills with language development, and engages students through authentic and compelling content. It is designed to prepare students for the demands of college level and university study.

Book - Listening and Speaking
  • 8 units per level
  • Focus on Topic: each unit begins with a speaking exercise with questions that draw students into the topic and initiate critical thinking, encouraging students to make a personal connection.
  • Focus on Listening: a listening exercise with two contrasting and thought-provoking authentic listenings to stimulate students intellectually. A comprehension exercise, which can be supported using students? notes, reinforces meaning and pronunciation.
  • Explicit skill instruction and practice: step-by-step practice allows students to exercise critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Pronunciation and speaking skills sections expose students to the sounds and patterns of English and to functional language allowing them to express ideas at a higher level.
  • Focus on Speaking: productive vocabulary targeted in the unit is reviewed and expanded on in a creative way. Grammar structure is practiced to prepare students for the final speaking test.
  • Group Unit Project: a group unit project that further prepares students to engage in real-world activities. Unit projects incorporate online research to build students? digital literacy skills.
Pearson Practice English App

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Our app brings everything you need into one place, enabling students to practice learning English, anytime and anywhere on their device. All teaching materials, learning materials, audio files and video files are downloadable, and once downloaded can be accessed offline.

  • Extra Grammar and Vocabulary exercises for each unit
  • Student Book audio
  • Student Book video

Resources can be accessed online as printable pdfs.

  • Downloadable achievement tests
  • Classroom audio
  • Audioscripts
  • Video activities
  • Videoscripts
Laurie Barton

Laurie Barton loves writing and has published short stories in literary magazines. Her other passions include playing classical music on the piano and riding her Arabian horse, Lenin. She also enjoys jogging on the beach and roller blading in the park. She has been teaching ESL since 1984. She loves her job because it gives her a chance to meet people from all over the world.

Polly Merdinger

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