WorldView, a four-skills course, builds fluency by exposing students to a wide range of appealing topics.

Editor: Michael Rost
Authors: Simon le Maistre, Carina Lewis, Kevin Sharpe, Gillie Cunningham, Sue Mohamed, Helen Solorzano, Robin Wileman, Araminta Crace, Terra Brockman, Antonia Clare, J.J Wilson
Subject: Integrated Skills
Level: From Beginner to High-Intermediate
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The course's four-page units present clear and attainable goals, ensuring that students feel a sense of accomplishment and increased self-confidence.

It includes:

  • focused, student-centred vocabulary and grammar presentations to anchor learning and promote active learning
  • one vocabulary set, grammar point, language function and pronunciation point per unit to present target language in manageable chunks
  • video activity worksheets and additional reading activities available on the Companion Website:
Simon le Maistre
Carina Lewis
Kevin Sharpe
Gillie Cunningham
Sue Mohamed
Helen Solorzano

Helen Solorzano lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the house where she grew up, with her husband, their two children, and her mother. She has taught English in the U.S. and in Lima, Peru. She enjoys the creativity involved in writing ESL textbooks and finds the process similar to putting together a giant puzzle. For Helen, NorthStar was an especially challenging project because of the fascinating topics involved. Other interests include technical writing for an international audience. She is a director of The TRAC Foundation (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of the TRAC computer programming language, which was developed by her late father.

Robin Wileman
Araminta Crace

Araminta is a full time writer of ELT materials. She has taught in Brazil (where she was a Director of Studies), Egypt, Portugal and Spain, and worked as a teacher trainer at International House.

Terra Brockman
Antonia Clare

Antonia Clare is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She has taught and trained with International House and the British Council in many countries around the world including Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland, South Africa and the UK. She is a co-author of Language to Go Upper-Intermediate and Total English Intermediate and Advanced (Pearson ELT).

J.J Wilson
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WorldView 1 - DVD with Guide 9780131918375 $151.95
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WorldView 2 - Student Book 9780132433013 X $42.95
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WorldView 2 - Teacher's Edition 9780131840027 X $54.95
WorldView 2 - Audio CD 9780131840072 $77.95
WorldView 2 - DVD with Guide 9780131918382 $155.95
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WorldView 3 - Student Book 9780132223300 X $42.95
WorldView 3 - Workbook 9780131840102 X $26.95
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WorldView 3 - Audio CD 9780131840140 $82.95
WorldView 3 - DVD with Guide 9780131918399 $155.95
Titles ISBN Printed
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WorldView 4 - Student Book 9780132432993 X $42.95
WorldView 4 - WorkBook 9780131840171 X $26.95
WorldView 4 - Teacher's Edition 9780131840164 X $54.95
WorldView 4 - Audio CD 9780131846944 $79.95
WorldView 4 - DVD with Guide 9780131918405 $151.95

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