Top Notch | Online Placement Test - All Levels (24 months)

Authors: Allen Ascher, Joan Saslow
Collection: Top Notch
Subject: Integrated Skills

ISBN: 9780132470308
Copyright: 2011

Retail price: $54.95
Number of months: 24
Format: Digital product license code

Full Course Placement Tests

A combined Listening, Reading and General test accurately places students into the Top Notch and Summit program. 
Optional Speaking tests are also available.

  • Enables you to place students at their level
  • Alternative forms of the test ensure security and allow re-testing
  • Includes detailed instructions and guidelines for scoring
  • Available in print and on MyEnglishLab
Allen Ascher

Allen Aschler has been a teacher and teacher trainer in China and the United States, as well as academic director of the intensive English program at Hunter College. Mr. Ascher has also been an ELT publisher, responsible for publication and expansion of numerous well-known courses including True Colors, Northstar, the Longman TOEFL Preparation series and the Longman Academic Writing series. He coauthored Summit and authored the ‘’Teaching Speaking’’ module of Teacher Development Interactive, an online multimedia teacher-training program.

Joan Saslow

Joan Saslow has taught in a variety of programs in South America and the United States. She is the author/coauthor of widely used successful courses such as Ready to Go, Workplace Plus, Literacy Plus and Summit. She also authored English in Context, a series for reading science and technology, and was series director of True Colors and True Voices. Ms. Saslow has participated in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs English Language Specialist Program.

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