Side by Side Extra 4 | Book + eText STUDENT (12-month access)

Authors: Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss
Collection: Side By Side Extra
Subject: Integrated Skills

ISBN: 9780132458887
Copyright: 2016

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Teach with Side by Side Extra - a dynamic, all-skills program that builds students' general language proficiency.

Captivate your students with life skills learning. Side by Side Extra offers a focus on a conversational approach and real situations to engage students. This book is ideal for visual learners and for teachers who wish to maximize their teaching time.

This product includes:

  • Student Book
  • eText STUDENT (12-month access)

It's all about the student

The student-centered methodology and the course's ease of use enable students to study outside of class. The magazine-style Gazette sections reinforce classroom instruction through high-interest feature articles and other activities that encourage learners to study on their own. Side by Side Extra with eText promotes active communication between students through expanded lessons and a greater selection of activities and self-assessment.

Measure performance and motivate learners

Students can see how they are improving through chapter tests and skills checks in the Student Book. You can assess student achievement through placement, unit, mid-level, and final exams.

Lots of additional practice in the Student Book and the new eText provides a wealth of additional activities to reinforce and extend students' learning.

Focus on a conversational approach

Side by Side Extra puts the emphasis on helping students to converse in everyday situations. Students are given step-by-step guidance for starting a conversation.

  • Guided conversations
  • Structured dialogues get students talking quickly
  • Real situations to engage students


The new eText – with embedded audio and FunZone – expands the course and makes it flexible and fun for students to practise on their own.

  • The eText is a digital version of the Student Book that serves as the student's virtual speaking-practice companion, with all the Student Book audio
  • Flip the lesson plan by assigning conversation practice for students to complete outside of the classroom, so you can concentrate on other activities such as games, discussion, brainstorming and role-playing in class
  • 16 self-assessment pages with vocabulary and skills checklists so students can see how they're improving
  • The eText FunZone is a digital amusement park with attractions for every unit. Activities, games, videos, music, and animations offer students fun and motivating reinforcement of each unit's objectives
    • Vocabulary flashcards
    • Picture/word activities
    • Skill-building activities for vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening
    • GrammarToons and GrammarRaps animations with accompanying activities
    • Video segments and activities (level 1 and 2 only).
Steven J. Molinsky

Steven J. Molinsky is Professor of Education at Boston University, where he is a senior faculty member in the Graduate Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. He holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Linguistics from Harvard University. His primary interest is the development of innovative approaches to language teaching. He has taught methodology courses at Boston University for more than 30 years and has worked with teachers in-training throughout the world.

Bill Bliss

Bill Bliss is President of the Language and Communication Workshop, which provides training and consulting services in language learning, literacy, immigrant education, and citizenship. Since 1974, he has worked as a teacher, trainer, refugee camp program manager, consultant to government agencies and school systems, and advocate for immigrant and refugee education. He holds an M.Ed. degree from Harvard University. His interests include social justice education, immigration policy, and the impact of social media and emerging technologies on education.

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