Azar-Hagen Grammar Series

Clear, direct and comprehensive, the Azar-Hagen Grammar series uses a Grammar-Based Teaching approach - blending grammar methodology with communicative methods. Grammar is used as the starting point for the development of the language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Authors: Betty S. Azar, Stacy A. Hagen
Subject: Grammar
Level: From Beginner to Advanced
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Clear, direct and comprehensive!

Now both in fourth editions, Understating and Using English Grammar and Fundamentals of English Grammar offer learners a host of new features - warm-up activities, readings that focus on target structures, full-colour illustrations and all-new listening exercises ranging from casual speech to academic topics.

It includes:

  • student-friendly grammar charts with concise information and examples accompanied by clear explanations and minimal grammar terminology
  • direct, in-depth grammar practice with the immediate application of grammatical forms and meanings across a variety of exercise types, including warm-up, comprehension, completion, reading, listening, pronunciation and writing
  • comprehensive, corpus-informed grammar syllabus with extensive coverage of the verb-tense system, modals, gerunds, infinitives, nouns, sentence patterns, clauses, conjunctions and more
  • written forms, spelling and punctuation, as well as spoken forms and pronunciation
  • MyEnglishLab access with flexible, ongoing assessment to allow students to monitor their own progress and teachers to track students' advancement
Betty S. Azar

Betty Azar is the founding author of Azar methodology and is the co-author of the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series. In her early career as an English teacher she started developing her own materials and worksheets to help her students grasp English grammar. Later on, she established her own approach to grammar teaching - Grammar Based Teaching (GBT) which became a foundation of the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series.

Stacy A. Hagen

Stacy Hagen is the co-author of the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series. She’s an experienced English Language teacher and administrator, as well as a published author of a number of ELT textbooks. She brings a wealth of rich new content, new exercise types, and a fresh, updated feel to the revisions.

Titles ISBN Printed
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Basic English Grammar - Student Book w/AK w/CD 978-0-1338-1889-5 X $65.95
Basic English Grammar - Student Book w/o AK w/CD 978-0-1338-1888-8 X $65.95
Basic English Grammar - Student Book A w/ Essential Online Resources 978-0-1346-6016-5 X 12 months $34.95
Basic English Grammar 4E | Student's eText + Audio 978-0-1335-8445-5 12 months $32.95
Basic English Grammar - Workbook with Answer Key 978-0-1329-4227-0 X $40.95
Basic English Grammar - Teacher's Manual 978-0-1333-6096-7 X $82.95
Basic English Grammar 4E | MyEnglishLab Access Card 978-0-1340-0910-0 12 months $41.95
Basic English Grammar - Test Bank 978-0-1334-3837-6 X $49.95
Basic English Grammar 4E | Examview Software 978-0-1334-3838-3 $202.95
Basic English Grammar - Workbook A with Answer Key 978-0-1329-4226-3 X $27.95
Basic English Grammar - Workbook B with Answer Key 978-0-1329-4225-6 X $27.95

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