Avenues 1, 2nd ed. - Skills | Digital Set: eText + My eLab

Author: Lynne Gaetz
Collection: Avenues
Subject: Anglais langue seconde

ISBN: 9782761367271
Copyright: 2016

Retail price: $29.95
Number of months: 12
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Avenues 1: English Skills , Second Edition is an integrated skills book for high-beginner to low-intermediate students of English as a second language. Written by Lynne Gaetz,  Avenues 1 maps out a clear and structured path to success.

A new edition full of new content

With a high proportion of new content, this edition provides students with level-appropriate reading and listening practice based on a wide range of texts and high-interest audio and video segments. Revising and editing practice, vocabulary boosts, pronunciation practice and guided writing and speaking tasks help students improve their production skills. This second edition also features Quick Chat activities that introduce students to the chapter themes as well as a Reading Strategies section.


  • High-interest and authentic reading, listening  and watching materials
  • Vocabulary activities that allow students to practise vocabulary in context
  • Speaking tasks including discussions and presentations
  • Take Action!  section at the end of each unit eliciting both written and oral production
  • Revising and Editing section at the end of each unit that meets devis requirements and helps students fine-tune their written work
  • Reading Strategies section designed to help students read more efficiently
  • Writing Workshops designed to help students write more cohesive texts
  • Appendices to help with the following: oral presentations, names and titles, dates and numbers, pronunciation

My eLab: a stimulating interactive resource

My eLab gives students extra practice opportunities. Through an easy-to-use online platform, students can access extra activities to practise reading and listening skills as well as vocabulary and grammar. All activities are automatically graded, which gives students instant feedback and an opportunity to focus on areas that require more practice.


  • Online gradebok with results
  • Testing materials
  • Evaluation grids
  • Transcripts for all the audios and videos
  • Answer keys
  • eText of the book for projecting and presenting


  • Extensive online practice with additional reading and listening activities
  • Basic vocabulary practice exercises
  • Reading strategy practice exercises
  • Access to all the audios and videos
  • eText of the book

Combine  Avenues 1 English Skills with My eLab and maximize the practice opportunities!

Lynne Gaetz

Lynne Gaetz taught ESL for over twenty years at Collège Lionel-Groulx. The author of many ESL series in Canada, she has also authored developmental writing books for the US. She has an MA in English Literature, a TESL diploma, and a college teaching diploma.

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  • l’accès à My eLab, qui offre de nombreux exercices de révision et outils d’évaluation.

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