Say What You Mean 2 | eText + My eLab (12 months)

Authors: Tania Pattison, Tom Milburn
Collection: Say What You Mean 2
Subject: Listening and Speaking

ISBN: 9782761395410
Copyright: 2019

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Number of months: 12
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A focus on getting your students to express themselves verbally

5 ways SAY WHAT YOU MEAN helps students speak more fluently :

An integrated skills approach, with speaking at the forefront
Short reading texts and authentic videos are used to springboard conversation tasks in which speaking is maximized.

Structured and guided task-based speaking activities
Student output is at the heart of the activities with a guided approach to getting students speaking about the topic at hand, rather than general ?speak with a friend? tasks.

More than just general conversation topics
Explicit strategies are provided to help students communicate and produce various types of output, such as how to build a presentation, how to argue and not argue.

High-interest and global themes
Contemporary themes of great interest to young adults stimulate discussion and provide meaningful contexts for speaking tasks.

Tasks that elicit critical thinking in various forms
The ?Share Your Ideas? rubric provides ESL and EAP students with guided questions to help them think critically about the texts.

What?s more :

Improve your pronunciation develops oral language by focusing on a different pronunciation point in each unit. A listening exercise helps students practise.

Bring It All Together is a group project to apply everything students learn in the unit.

Go Further gives students the opportunity to do research on someone connected to the unit theme. Guided questions give ideas for group discussion.

My eLab - Maximize your learning experience :

Practise online

Check your results as you complete the activities and quickly identify notions you should review. 

Monitor your progress in the gradebook. 

Tania Pattison

Tania Pattison has been involved in English language teaching for over twenty years, most of that time in EAP. She has worked as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer, and she has designed EAP curricula for three Canadian post-secondary programmes. She is a frequent conference presenter in Canada and overseas, and she is editor of IATEFL’s annual Conference Selections publication. Her credentials include a Master of Education in English Language Teaching, as well as additional qualifications in editing and ELT management. Based in Peterborough, Ontario, Tania is now a freelance writer and editor of ESL materials.

Tom Milburn

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