Northstar Reading and Writing

Building on the success of the previous editions, NorthStar, Fourth Edition continues to engage and motivate students with new and updated contemporary topics delivered through a seamless integration of print and online components.

Authors: Dr. Frances Boyd, Dr. Carol Numrich, Natasha Haugnes, Beth Maher, Laurie Barton, Carolyn Dupaquier, Andrew K. English, Laura Monahon English, Robert F. Cohen, Judy L. Miller
Subject: Reading, Writing
Level: From Beginner to Advanced
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New - Updated - Online

Blended approach with MyEnglishLab: NorthStar

Online activities offer support and expansion, fully blending the student book with MyEnglishLab for extra practice, ongoing assessment, and instant feedback. This integration enables students to reinforce learning online, allowing for more meaningful, in-depth analysis and communicative work in the classroom.

New and updated content

NorthStar includes highly stimulating and relevant topics to challenge students intellectually and emotionally. With thought-provoking themes ranging from phobias to social media, students will connect to the most current content available. Engaging photos in the unit openers spark discussion and draw students into the topic.

Explicit skills instruction

Inclusion of 2-3 explicit language skills allow students to build their language proficiency. Presentation and practice in each unit raises student awareness of key academic skills. Students sharpen and broaden mastery, build confidence, and improve their communication skills.

New and revised assessment tied to learning outcomes

Online assessments allow teachers to track students progress and mastery of the material and skills. Assessment for learning strategies incorporated into the assessment package will help students improve results.

Access to MyEnglishLab

Teachers can now access a wide range of online content and diagnostic tools to customize learning environments to meet the needs of every student. See how!

Dr. Frances Boyd

Dr Frances Boyd has been at Columbia University teaching language and mentoring teachers for many years. She has developed and taught courses in all levels of academic English, English for Business Purposes, English for International Teaching Fellows, and graduate courses in TESOL Curriculum and Pedagogy.

Frances is a frequent presenter and featured conference speaker and has consulted with universities in China, Colombia, Mexico, and Kyrgyzstan to develop international faculty and academic English Language curriculum.

Frances’ professional work has been recognized with the NYU Malkemes Prize for Professional Writing as well as the New York City Citation for Excellence from the Mayor’s Council on Adult Education.

Frances is the author of a number of series, and a series editor for NorthStar.

Dr. Carol Numrich

Dr Carol Numrich has been a member of the full-time faculty at the American Language Program (ALP), Columbia University since 1988. She has led many teaching teams in the ALP’s Intensive Program as a senior lecturer, taught many part-time English courses at the university and traveled internationally to train and consult with language teachers.

From 1993 to 1996, Carol was Visiting Professor at Columbia’s Teachers College, where she directed the MA Program in TESOL and taught graduate courses in pedagogy. She helped to develop and coordinate the International Teaching Assistant Program at Columbia, in which she taught doctoral students in the sciences. She also helped design and taught as part of the summer TESOL Certificate Program. Carol has chaired and helped organize several committees for TESOL as well as co-edited a column from the TESOL Journal.

Carol is the author of a number of series, and a series editor for NorthStar.

Natasha Haugnes

Natasha Haugnes launched her ESL career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco in the late 1980s. She subsequently trained ESL teachers for the Peace Corps in various West African countries while completing graduate school in San Francisco. Natasha currently lives in Oakland, California. For the past ten years, she has worked as an ESL teacher and, more recently, as an academic coach and teacher trainer at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Beth Maher

Beth Maher lives in Oakland, California with her husband, her three young sons, and her big black and white dog, Maytag. Beth has been teaching ESL since the early 1990s. She has taught in community colleges, intensive language programs and at a local art college. When she’s not teaching, writing, or planning lessons, she spends time chasing after her boys, camping, and working in the garden.

Laurie Barton

Laurie Barton loves writing and has published short stories in literary magazines. Her other passions include playing classical music on the piano and riding her Arabian horse, Lenin. She also enjoys jogging on the beach and roller blading in the park. She has been teaching ESL since 1984. She loves her job because it gives her a chance to meet people from all over the world.

Carolyn Dupaquier
Andrew K. English
Laura Monahon English
Robert F. Cohen

If Robert F. Cohen were to think of a keyword that could readily generate thoughts about “who he is,” he would say that the word “language” probably best opens the door to such reveries. As a child growing up in New York, he was always fascinated when he heard English being spoken by people whose accents suggested that they came from backgrounds totally different from his own. To be sure, this fascination at an early age with people of different “tongues” explains the general thrust behind his passion for foreign language study (French, German, Hebrew, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian), and his pursuit of degrees in French language and literature at Queens College (B.A.), Columbia University (M.A.), and Harvard University (Ph.D.). Learning other languages to understand himself and others better has been the focus of his life’s work. Throughout his professional career as a writer and teacher, Robert has always maintained that his role as an educator has been to go beyond the confines of the subject matter itself in order to arrive at a more “concrete” goal - that of teaching people to have compassion for one another.

Judy L. Miller

After Barnard and Columbia Graduate School in History, Judy L. Miller spent fifteen years in Paris, most of them teaching English at an engineering school of the Paris Chamber of Commerce. She remembers her first day in front of a class. The students all noisily stood up at attention when she entered the room. She was so insecure that she thought it was all an elaborate prank. “Sit down, immediately, all of you. What is the meaning of all this” Total silence. Finally, one lone voice: ” . . . a sign of respect.” By the time she returned to New York with her daughter fifteen years later, she knew all about those silences. Whether in elementary schools, at community colleges, in adult education, at music conservatories, or back at Columbia University, where she is teaching now, the best part about teaching is the students.

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NorthStar, 4th ed. - Reading and Writing 1-5 | Teacher Resource eText 978-0-1339-0180-1 36 months $84.95
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Northstar - Reading and Writing - Level 2 - Class Audio CD 978-0-1333-9339-2 $74.95
NorthStar, 4th ed. - Reading and Writing 1-5 | Teacher Resource eText 978-0-1339-0180-1 36 months $84.95
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Northstar - Reading and Writing - Level 3 - Student eText with MyEnglishLab 978-0-1333-8247-1 21 months $40.95
Northstar - Reading and Writing - Level 3 - Class Audio CD 978-0-1333-9340-8 $74.95
NorthStar, 4th ed. - Reading and Writing 1-5 | Teacher Resource eText 978-0-1339-0180-1 36 months $84.95

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