LEAP 4, 2nd Ed. - Reading and Writing | eText + My eLab STUDENT (12 months)

Authors: Julia Williams, Dr. Ken Beatty
Collection: LEAP
Subject: EAP
Level: Advanced

ISBN: 9782761390118
Copyright: 2018

Retail price: $46.95
Number of months: 12
Format: Digital product license code

Maximize your English learning with this digital combo of the eText and access to My eLab

This product includes a six-month access to the LEAP 4 - Reading and Writing eText and My eLab.

LEAP 4 - Reading and Writing (CEFR Level C1) is a task-based textbook for students preparing for college or university studies in English. It encourages students to apply critical-thinking skills as they engage in academic reading and writing tasks across a range of disciplines. Complex authentic texts prepare students for college reading requirements, while thought-provoking content challenges them to reflect on contemporary global issues. Featuring text-based vocabulary and skills practice and detailed guidance in the writing process, LEAP 4 - Reading and Writing offers students the skills they need to thrive in the English academic world.

Features and benefits:

Interesting and academic reading texts  Three authentic reading texts per chapter from a variety of mostly Canadian textbooks, journals, magazines or web reports prepare students for the text length and genres they will encounter in academic courses.

Varied and challenging activities  Focus on Reading sections provide explanations of reading skills and strategies, accompanied by well-structured and challenging activities to help students improve their ability to deal with university-level texts.

Linear and guided writing tasks  Warm-Up and Final Assignments integrate a process approach to writing, as well as a genre approach, to guide students with the various writing tasks. Focus on Writing activities develop more specific writing skills, which students reinvest in the assignments.

Academic vocabulary development  Key words and vocabulary from the Academic Word List are highlighted in two Vocabulary Build sections in every chapter, giving students ample opportunity to expand their vocabulary.

The eText with My eLab is a completely digital version of the LEAP textbook. The eText is accessible online and provides a wide array of functionalities that allow students to highlight, annotate, search and access My eLab.                           

My eLab includes:

For the student:

  • Vocabulary review exercises
  • Additional focuses: skills practice based on texts from the book
  • New content in four sections related in theme to the four chapter pairs in the book:
    • a new reading text
    • comprehension questions
    • vocabulary questions
  • Vocabulary lists by chapter and AWL master list

For the teacher:

  • Teacher's notes and textbook answer key
  • Testing materials for each chapter as well as mid-term and final exams
  • Alternative Fianl Assignment topics

Get the specific academic skills and strategies to thrive in the English academic world! 

Julia Williams

Julia Williams has been delivering EAP instruction for the last twenty years. She has taught at universities, colleges and secondary schools in Ontario and is currently working at the English Language Institute, Renison University College at the University of Waterloo. She is the author of the first edition of LEAP (2005), of the high-intermediate-level LEAP: Reading and Writing (2012) and of books 3 and 4 in the Academic Connections series, all published by Pearson.

Dr. Ken Beatty

Dr. Ken Beatty, TESOL Professor at Anaheim University, has worked in schools and universities in Canada, Asia and the Middle East and lectured widely on language teaching and learning from the primary through university levels. He is author of 130+ textbooks, including six books in the Learning English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) series. He has led more than 300 teacher-training sessions in 31 countries and given more than 100 conference presentations.

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