LEAP 2, 2nd ed. - Listening and Speaking | DVD

Author: Dr. Ken Beatty
Collection: LEAP
Subject: Listening and Speaking

ISBN: 9782761396738
Copyright: 2019

Retail price: $112.95
Format: DVD-ROM

Access one video clip per chapter with the DVD

LEAP 2 DVD contains eight video clips for LEAP 2 - Listening and Speaking , one for each chapter.

Get the specific academic skills and strategies to thrive in the English academic world! 

Dr. Ken Beatty

Dr. Ken Beatty, TESOL Professor at Anaheim University, has worked in schools and universities in Canada, Asia and the Middle East and lectured widely on language teaching and learning from the primary through university levels. He is author of 130+ textbooks, including six books in the Learning English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) series. He has led more than 300 teacher-training sessions in 31 countries and given more than 100 conference presentations.

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