Cutting Edge 3e - Elementary | Student Book w/ Active Book

Authors: Sarah Cunningham, Araminta Crace, Peter Moor, Jonathan Bygrave
Collection: Cutting Edge
Subject: Integrated Skills

ISBN: 9781447936831
Copyright: 2013

Retail price: $45.95
Number of pages: 176
Format: Hardback

Students? Book with DVD-ROM + MyEnglishLab

Twelve units per level contain:

  • Language sections provide students with a bank of phrases to help them express themselves fluently.
  • Guided speaking tasks help students to build their confidence.
  • World Culture lessons with video clips are self-contained sections that encourage students to discuss global issues. They provide guidance on research on the internet.
  • Language Live lessons include real-life communicative activities with the help of video and audio clips.
  • Can Do statements for each level are calibrated to the CEFR.
  • Study, Practice, Remember sections provide light-hearted practice for functional language and writing.

MyEnglishLab is a flexible online tool that enriches learning and informs teaching:

  • Interactive Workbook exercises
  • Multimedia content such as video, audio and voice recorder
  • The Gradebook helps you track students? performance and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Identify where students struggle most, so you can spend more time explaining and practising these areas.
  • The Common Error Report enables you to see the most common errors and which students are making them. You can then focus on remedial activities in class.
  • Multimedia content such as video, audio and voice recorder.
  • Flexible task assessment for individuals, groups or whole classes.  
Sarah Cunningham

Sarah has worked in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer and Director of Studies. She has worked in Greece, Spain, Hungary, Argentina and the UK and is now a writer of ELT materials.

Araminta Crace

Araminta is a full time writer of ELT materials. She has taught in Brazil (where she was a Director of Studies), Egypt, Portugal and Spain, and worked as a teacher trainer at International House.

Peter Moor

Peter has more than twenty-five years of experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. He has taught and given workshops in more than thirty countries worldwide.

Jonathan Bygrave

Jonathan has worked in ELT since 1992 as a teacher, editor, publisher and author. In recent years, he has been writing materials and travelling to research the use of coursebooks in modern classrooms.

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