Longman Wordwise Dictionary 2e - Paperback with CD-ROM

Subject: Dictionaries
Level: Low-intermediate

ISBN: 9781405880787
Copyright: 2008

Retail price: $31.95
Number of pages: 792
Format: Paperback / softback

The Longman WordWise Dictionary focuses on essential language so that students can reach the intermediate level more quickly.


It includes:


  • 2000 key words highlighted with extra information on grammar and usage
  • "Word Choice" boxes that explain the differences between words with similar or confusing meanings
  • usage, grammar, spelling and pronunciation notes to help avoid common mistakes


The CD-ROM includes:


  • access to the full contents of the dictionary
  • Longman Memory Coach, with interactive exercises focusing on core meanings and structures, vocabulary building, word choice, spelling and pronunciation
  • key words and memory games that allow students to learn in a fun and lively way
  • photo dictionary
  • exam preparation tools for KET & PET

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