Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English - Online Access (12 months)

Collection: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

ISBN: 9781447981589
Copyright: 2014

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The  Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English  features:


Natural English guaranteed

The only advanced learner's dictionary that explains differences in frequency between spoken and written English, helping students to use English more naturally. Authentic corpus-based examples show words in context and how they are used in sentences.


Easy to use - Easy to understand

Written using a limited vocabulary of just 2000 words - the Longman Defining Vocabulary, ensuring all definitions are clear and understandable.


Expand vocabulary

Learn words, phrases, expressions, use the frequency information on the new Longman communication 9000 to guide you and learn the most common words first.


Write and speak fluently

Express yourself correctly, use accurate English both in writing and speaking by using the integrated Thesaurus and Collocation boxes to help you expand vocabulary.


Improve grammar

Students get extra help with grammar patterns and using the correct tenses, and void making common mistakes. NEW 32-page Grammar Guide provides clear and concise information on key grammar topics such as verb tenses, verb patterns and the order of adjectives.


Access everything online plus extra interactive practice

Unlimited access to LDOCE6 Online learning resources that you can customize according to the words you need to learn or teach.

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