Longman Active Study Dictionary 5e - Paperback with CD-ROM

Subject: Dictionaries
Level: Intermediate

ISBN: 9781408232361
Copyright: 2010

Retail price: $33.95
Number of pages: 1040
Format: Paperback / softback

The new fifth edition of the Longman Active Study Dictionary now comes with cutting-edge software to build vocabulary even faster. For students who want to improve their English and build their vocabulary, this dictionary has more words, phrases and examples than any other dictionary at this level.


It includes:


  • 3,000 key words highlighted in red to show students which words are most important to learn
  • New collocations boxes to help students remember which words to use together
  • New signposts that help students find the meaning of words quickly 
  • New integrated thesaurus with over 6,000 synonyms and antonyms 
  • Grammar and usage notes that help students avoid common errors 
  • A brand new design




  • A Pronunciation Trainer that allows students to listen to over 9,000 examples, and allows them to record themselves and compare with a native speaker 
  • The Study Centre with thousands of interactive exercises to practice reading, writing and grammar, as well as listening 
  • An instant pop-up dictionary for browsing the Internet or Word documents 

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