Market Leader Specialist Titles

The Market Leader specialist titles extends the scope of the Market Leader series and allows teachers to focus on the reading skills and vocabulary development required for specific areas of business.

Authors: Sara Helm, A Robin Widdowson, Rebecca Utteridge, Adrian Pilbeam, Nina O’Driscoll
Subject: Business English
Level: From Intermediate to Advanced
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Language development for specific needs

The books can be used alongside the Market Leader Coursebook , as a stand-alone course or with any other business English course.

The following specialist titles are available:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Law
  • Human Resources
  • International Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Marketing
  • Working across Cultures
Sara Helm
A Robin Widdowson
Rebecca Utteridge
Adrian Pilbeam
Nina O’Driscoll
Titles ISBN Printed
Retail price Buy Online
Market Leader - Accounting and Finance 978-1-4082-2002-3 X $41.95
Market Leader - Business Law 978-1-4082-2005-4 X $46.95
Market Leader - Human Resources 978-1-4082-2004-7 X $41.95
Market Leader: International Management 978-0-5823-2841-9 X $44.95
Market Leader - Logistics Management 978-1-4082-2006-1 X $41.95
Market Leader - Marketing 978-1-4082-2007-8 X $41.95
Market Leader - Working Across Cultures 978-1-4082-2003-0 X $37.95

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