LEAP 3A - Reading and Writing | Book + eText + My eLab (12 months)

Author: Julia Williams
Collection: LEAP
Subject: EAP

ISBN: 9782766102228
Copyright: 2020

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LEAP 3A Reading and Writing includes chapters 1 through 4 of LEAP 3 Reading and Writing

This EAP coursebook includes three texts per chapter. Students practise high-frequency vocabulary and learn academic words through focused vocabulary tasks. They review grammar notions that they apply in writing tasks. Reading and Writing focuses introduce students to strategies in a step-by-step fashion that students apply in warm-up and final assignments. A critical thinking focus helps students reflect and synthesize ideas. A models chapter serves as a handy reference for the writing types included in the book.
Access to My eLab and eText allows students to consolidate what they learn in class. My eLab provides students with extra online resources and practice in reading, writing and listening. All activities are self-graded, allowing students to get instant feedback and to track their personal progress. Teachers have access to a gradebook to view students' results and progress.

Julia Williams

Julia Williams has been delivering EAP instruction for the last twenty years. She has taught at universities, colleges and secondary schools in Ontario and is currently working at the English Language Institute, Renison University College at the University of Waterloo. She is the author of the first edition of LEAP (2005), of the high-intermediate-level LEAP: Reading and Writing (2012) and of books 3 and 4 in the Academic Connections series, all published by Pearson.

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