Become 1, 2nd ed. - Skills | Book + My eLab (12 months)

Author: Andy Van Drom
Collection: Become
Subject: Integrated Skills

ISBN: 9782766103485
Copyright: 2020

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Become 1, 2nd ed. focuses on individual learners: their interests, their aspirations, their lives. The reading and listening texts and the related production tasks offer the possibility of personal perspectives and responses. At the same time, student-centred activities and materials promote critical thinking and encourage students to become independent learners, responsible for their own success, both in the English classroom and in their chosen fields.

GSE Level: Skills 44 - 59 (low-intermediate)

What’s new?

Become 1 has been completely revamped with:

  • new level-appropriate texts and activities with more scaffolding
  • more videos 
  • a clearer teaching path
  • and projects related to the student’s field of study, allowing the development of English skills they need for real-life situations.

The Skills book includes:

  • high-interest and authentic reading, listening and watching materials
  • vocabulary activities that allow students to practise vocabulary in context and a Vocabulary Tracker in which they can record new and field-related words
  • speaking tasks including discussions and presentations
  • final tasks at the end of each unit incorporating writing and speaking assignments
  • workshops that focus on challenging aspects of pronunciation
  • Become Skilled for Work and Study sections after each unit that cover language skills that are important in any academic or professional context
My eLab - Maximize Your Learning Experience

Practise your English and critical-thinking skills online

Interactive Activities:

  • An additional reading or listening comprehension activity for each unit of the skills book
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Pronunciation exercises
  • Skills practice
  • Reading and Listening tests


  • Recordings of all the Pronunciation Workshop exercises included in the skills book
  • A research activity
  • A resumé template
  • Model outlines for oral presentations and essays
  • All the audios and videos accompanying the skills book
  • Transcripts of all the audios and videos
  • The answer keys
  • Reading and Listening tests in Word and PDF format
Andy Van Drom

​Andy Van Drom has an MA in Language and Literature from the University of Antwerp (Belgium). He has completed doctoral studies in Linguistics at Université Laval (Québec), including a research visit at Lancaster University (UK). Since 2005, he has been teaching Linguistics and ESL at the college and university level, specializing in English for Specific Purposes.

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Become 1, 2nd ed. - Grammar | Book + My eLab (12 months) 9782766103492 X 12 months $34.95
Become 1, 2nd ed. - Grammar | eText + My eLab (12 months) 9782766103362 12 months $26.95 Buy
Become 1, 2nd ed. - Skills & Grammar | Books + My eLab (12 months) 9782766103478 X 12 months $63.95
Become 1, 2nd ed. - Skills & Grammar | eText + My eLab (12 months) 9782766103379 12 months $51.95 Buy
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Become 1, 2nd ed. - DVD 9782766103317 $111.95

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